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LED Lighting

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LED Lighting : LED Lighting

Various Types(Linear, DC/DC, PFC IC etc.) of ICs for LED lighting products.


Low Power LED Driver

DW3505 is an instant On/Off LED driver for low power LED applications. At DW3505 output stage,
one regulated current port is designed to provide a uniform and constant current sink for driving LEDs
within a large range of VF variations. DW3505 provides a consistent current source. You may adjust
the output current up to 300mA through an external resistor Rs, which gives you flexibility in controlling
the light intensity of LEDs. In addition, you can precisely adjust LED brightness from 0% to 100% via
output enable (EN) with Pulse Width Modulation. DW3505 also guarantees that LED can be cascaded
to maximum 40V at the output port.
- LED light bulbs
- Signage and decorative LED lighting
- General lighting of flat panel displays
- RGB backlighting LED driver
- Current stabilizer with DC/DC or AC/DC
- General purpose constant current source
- Constant output current invariant to supply and load voltage change
- 5V to 40V supply voltage
- Up to 300mA adjustable regulated output current
- Built-in thermal derating circuit
- Available PWM dimming control
- Output current adjusted through an external resistor
- SOT89-5L Package
Typical Application