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LED Lighting : LED Lighting

Various Types(Linear, DC/DC, PFC IC etc.) of ICs for LED lighting products.


Dimmable CC/CV IC with LED Protection Functions

DW8508 is CC/CV(Constant current & constant current) IC for stable LEDs driving in a secondary side. DW8508 built-in protection circuit same as
LED open and short. It is suitable for applications with operating voltage from 8V to 30V. DW8508 is offered in 8 SOIC package.
- All of LED lighting applications
- AC Input LED Lighting applications
- In / outdoor lighting, street, roadway,
parking, construction lamp
- Constant current & constant voltage driving
- Wide range operating voltage (8V~30V)
- Built in 5V regulator
- PWM/analog dimming control : 0V ~ 10V
dimming (0V LED No flicker )
- Thermal derating function
- Built in protection circuit (LED Open/Short)
- Low feedback voltage (0.3V)
- Thermal enhanced package SOIC-8
Typical Application