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Various ICs for mobile BLU, power management, LED flash, charging battery, etc.


Triple Output DC/DC for AMOLED Display

DW8780 is DC-DC converter with triple synchronous output (OUTP, OUTN and AVDD) for powering AMOLED display. The device integrates two boost converters for OUTP, AVDD and an inverting buck boost converter for OUTN which are suitable for battery operated products. The digital control pin CTRL allows programming the OUTP, OUTN and AVDD voltage in digital steps. DW8780 uses new technologies for high performance line and load regulation. These functions are is required to prevent flicker noise of AMOLED display by input voltage drop and recovery during transmit periods in mobile phones.
- AMOLED display for mobile device
- Smart phone
- Small size table
- Activematrix OLED Display ≤ 8
- Operating voltage: 2.8V to 4.4V
- 0.8% accuracy OUTP
- Adjustable output voltage by digital interface
OUTP : 4.4V to 5.0V with 0.1V step (default: 4.6V)
OUTN : -6.4V to -1.4V with 0.1V step (default: -5.4V)
AVDD : 5.0V to 8.0V with 0.1V step (default: 5.8V)
- Continuous output current
OUTP/OUTN : min. 300mA
AVDD : min. 80mA
- Short circuit protection
- Thermal Shutdown
Typical Application