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Haptic : HD Haptic driver IC

Smart phone , a tablet PC, a variety of skin on a mobile device such as smart watch , the strength of vibration , the drive period for controlling the HD (High Definition) to represent the vibration motor Haptic effects such as an IC


HD Haptic Driver IC

DW7800 is HD Haptic Driver IC for HD Haptic and home key solution. DW7800 provides utmost tactile sensing experience. Dongwoon Anatech leads the new trend of haptic application with Immersion. With minimized form factor and high resolution output, DW7800 leads the users to impressive haptic world with various and existing haptic reaction. DW7800 is controlled by a host system via two-wire I2C interface that operates at clock rate up to 1MHz. Operating voltage is from a single 2.5V to 5.0V supply and current consumption is 2uA in sleep mode.
- Mobile phones and Tablet
- Tablet
- Drone
- Navigation and control panel for automobile
- VR/AR camera
- Immersion TouchSense® 5000 HD Haptic Certified and Compatible
- 2.5V to 5.0V power supply
- Differential output (H-Bridge)
- Fast wake-up time (Max. 100us)
- Protection function : OCP / TSD / UVLO
- Fast Mode Plus I2C interface compatible (1.8V I/O)
- No-ACK error handling
- 128 bytes First-In, First-Out (FIFO) for data streaming
Typical Application