• AF Global No.1

  • Optimal security-enhancing solution

    based on fingerprint information

  • Saliva sugar measurement system

    with no need to take a blood sample

  • Dongwoon people who enjoy endless challenges and changes!


Dongwoon Anatech

As one of top fabless companies established in 2006, Dongwoon Anatech has maintained
the No.1 market share in the global AF market for several years.
As for AF, OIS, Haptic, and ToF, we, Dongwoon Anatech, have been already recognized
for our technology in the global market, and through the accumulated technology,
we are preparing for the future as a sustainable company by entering various markets
such as fingerprint recognition and healthcare market
Dongwoon Anatech, where we are creating opportunities rather than waiting for them.


Come to join the future of Dongwoon Anatech.