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We create opportunities.

Development Division

Dongwoon Anatech's R&D Center is in charge of a kind of brain role in developing new products and improving existing products. It’s a department that mainly performs innovative tasks such as IC design and verification.

Most of the members of the lab are engineers, whose tasks are composed of analog circuit design, digital circuit design, and layout design.
Analog circuit design is to design AMP, ADC, DAC, PLL, BGR, LVDS, DCDC Converter and Driver, etc., where various design techniques for high resolution, low noise, and low power are studied and applied.
In digital circuit design, functions to embed and control various interfaces, such as I2C and SPI, MCU core and BUS, memory, etc. are designed.
Layout is a task of designing physical drawings so that the designed DB can be produced in foundry, and the drawings are designed to obtain size optimization and high reliability.

System Group

It is a department that evaluates/verifies developed SoC products under various environments, and provides technical support to be applied to the customer's application system.

It develops our own algorithms that control various types of actuators used for autofocusing and OIS (optical image stabilizer) functions required for camera modules of smartphones and develops firmware that includes them.
In addition, it develops an evaluation platform for assessment and verification of camera modules (AF, OIS), and uses this to perform tuning so that the customer's module product can secure the desired quality, and extracts the optimized control parameter to provide to the customer.
In addition, to support the application expansion of haptic driver IC, it develops various application solutions to provide to customers using A2V (Audio to Vibration) engine developed by our company.

Quality Group

Quality management jobs can be generally divided into quality planning (QP), quality Control (QC), quality assurance (QA), and quality improvement (QI), and collectively can be referred to as quality management (QM).

Based on these quality management jobs, Dongwoon Anatech's Quality Management Team builds the company's main policies related to quality, establishes a quality management business plan for the products produced by the company, including an annual business plan, shares the vision, goal, policy, etc. for product quality with all employees, and also performs training for quality innovation. In addition, it develops and operates a quality management system, and establishes plans to early ensure high quality in the product research and development stage.
This team is in charge of tasks such as analysis and improvement of various quality problems that occur from the stage of raw and subsidiary materials to the completion stage of the products, preventive inspections on quality problems that may occur in the manufacturing process, and quality improvement activities. Through these quality control activities, product deviations are reduced as much as possible and stable quality and standardized sizes can be maintained.
Finally, this team improves quality problems and ensures the quality of the products sold and delivered to customers (or consumers). It can be said that the main task of this team is to improve the quality problems revealed by the customer complaints and to prevent the same problems from occurring again in the future.

Fingerprint Recognition Group

The Fingerprint Recognition Group is a department that applies and develops fingerprint recognition among bio-metric authentications for user identification to user devices such as banking/ID access smart card, door-lock and locker key, USB, and automobile electric field recognition.

This group is developing and doing business with fingerprint devices such as fingerprint modules (MCU. Sensor) and fingerprint smart cards using fingerprint algorithms.

Strategy Planning Division

It is a department that performs data research and market and customer analysis to support executive decision-making and establishes detailed plans according to the determined decision, in order to effectively achieve the organization’s goals.

This group performs tasks such as establishing mid-to-long-term strategies, short-term strategies, and competitive strategies. Based on management philosophy and vision, it determines the macroscopic direction of the company and analyzes, from various perspectives, the external environment such as competitors, macro environment, business environment, and the internal environment, such as business structure and competitive advantage. Based on the results of environmental analysis, this group sets the direction for the company to go, and based on this, it determines corporate goals and establishes strategies to achieve them.

Application Technology Group

This is a department that evaluates/verifies developed SoC products under various environments and provides technical support to be applied to the customer's application system.

This department produces application I/F board, PXI program, application samples, etc. so that camera, ToF, and haptic driver products can be evaluated according to each user environment, and verifies the performance and stability of the chip in terms of H/W and F/W.
For verified products, this department prepares and distributes application notes, datasheets, and various technical data for the application of the customer's application set, and provides technical support to ensure optimal performance within the application set.

Production Group

The Production Group is an organization in charge of mass production for customers by implementing designed semiconductor chips into physical products through outsourcing production.

The outsourcing production process is largely divided into the circuit manufacturing process (Wafer Fab), semiconductor packaging process, and test process. The Production Group consists of a production technology team in charge of technical tasks related to semiconductor manufacturing, such as technology development related to each process among them and production yield management, and a production management team in charge of establishing a production plan for outsourced production, managing production companies, and managing customer delivery.

Business Management Division

It is a department that performs various administrative support for business operation activities and carries out various support activities related to the office environment.

The Management Support Dept. consists of HR Team, Financial Accounting Team, Computer Team, IPR Team, and General Affairs Team. The Financial Accounting Team performs general tax-related financial/accounting activities such as preparing accounting reports and financial analysis reports, cost control, and budgeting.
The HR Team, as a partner for the controller of management in charge of HR planning, designs and implements various programs such as recruitment, training, performance management, compensation, welfare, equality, and diversity.
The General Affairs Team supports the company's strategic management activities, efficiently manages the organization's assets to realize internal and external customer satisfaction, and performs comprehensive support such as creating a comfortable working environment.
The IPR Team is a public relations department that provides and explains various information related to company management to investors and holds regular performance announcements, corporate briefings, and 1:1 meeting. It also performs media-related work, homepage production/management, etc.
The Computer Team manages our IT resources and performs information support tasks to provide stable services to internal and external users.

Sales Group

It's a department that introduces products suitable for each application to domestic and overseas customers, discovers new products through meetings with customers, and promotes product sales to customers to generate revenue.

This team is divided into Domestic Sales Team 1, Domestic Sales Team 2, and Overseas Sales Team by application, including a Sales Management Team that supports the Sales Team.

Staggered Commuting System

Going to work from 8 to 10 am, and leaving from 5 to 7 pm.
To improve the quality of life by flexibly applying commute time.

Wedding anniversary gift

Bouquet and cake delivery to the home on wedding anniversary

Family Day

2-hour early leave from the work on the 4th Wednesday of every month

Congratulations on the birth and first birthday of children

Wreaths or cash payments on birth or on the first birthday of the children

Parents' Day

Provide benefits on Parents' Day

Payment of self-development expense / book purchase expense

Support for health and education expenses

Comprehensive health check support

Flu shot

Flu shot every October

Support for collective employee injury insurance

House purchasing / leasing loan for executives and employees

Support for house purchasing fund and
lease contract deposit up to 30 million won

Dormitory support

Dormitory support for residents outside Seoul and Gyeonggi-do

Online education

take training in various fields on the online education portal

Breakfast / dinner support

Holiday / Foundation Anniversary Gift

Reward system

Various reward systems such as excellent employee award,
long-service employee award, and talent recommendation award

Athletic competition / climbing event / bazaar



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with the heart of ‘Man proposes.”








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